Create three kaleidoscope images from old or new photographs you have taken.  
  Look on your Desktop for a folder named Kaleidoscope. If it is there, good, if not, let me know. Open Photoshop. Open your actions pallet. At the top right of the actions pallet there is a small triangle with a bunch of small lines. Click on it and go down to LOAD ACTION. Find the action in the kaleidoscope folder on your desktop.It is named: kaleidos.atn. After it is loaded, select it and hit the play button. When it asks for a wedge, look in the same folder the action came out of. When it asks for a graphic, navigate to one of yours. Experiment with transforming the image within the wedge. Press the play button at the bottom of the actions pallet. After the action has created the kaleidoscope image, increase the canvas size by one inch both in width and in height (IMAGE>CANVAS SIZE). Create a new layer under the image.Fill it with black (EDIT>FILL) choose black. You can use a color other than black if it looks better. Try a variety of images.Try resizing and rotating the source image.Turn in the best three.  
 TURN IN:    
  Three finished kaleidoscope jpg images. Make them 10 x 10. Name them k1.jpg, k2.jpg, k3.jpg. Put them in a folder named,"yourlastnameKAL". Put them on your Weebly site.  

Your assignment will be graded using these criteria:

From Mr. P's Photo Rubric

Is you image original, innovative and daring, or just another example of the same old thing? Does it fulfill the requirements for the assignment (see assignment requirements above) ?

Have you used the appropriate elements and principles of design that would enhance your photograph or did you just shoot what was in front of the camera? Have you used good composition or did you just place the center of interest in the center because it was easy?

Camera Techniques: Is the image sharp/in focus? Is the exposure correct? Was the appropriate aperture/shutter speed used (if applicable for your camera), did you find the best angle?

Computer Techniques: Is the image sharp/in focus? Is it resized correctly? Is it color corrected and sharpened?

Presentation: Is the artwork presented in a professional manner as outlined in the assignment?

Good luck